ESI Group acquires CIVITEC

ESI group logoBreakthrough technology dedicated to the development and integration for embedded Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ADAS, communicating and intelligent systems

ADAS, ICT, and smart systems

Simulation for developing safe and reliable systems. Security, mobility and autonomy are essential for smart systems that are gaining all areas from heavy industry to leisure.


Key components for partially autonomous or fully autonomous systems are the connection between ICT-based systems and its environment through perception sensors and the related algorithms and control systems.


Sensor simulation and virtual testing solutions


Pro-SiVIC™ allows to simulate custom scenarios involving environment conditions, multiple sensors, dynamic actors and people to perform prototyping and testing stages through simulation.


We provide standard and customized solutions based on this platform so that the expectations of each customer may be answered.


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> ESI Group acquires CIVITEC

Press release


> SINETIC project kickoff

Integrated Digital System for Cooperative Intelligent Transport


> SafePlatoon final demos

Automated vehicle platooning demonstration


> Radar model integrated

Realistic radar antenna model and processing.



Applications : sensor simulation and virtual testing

Automotive - ADAS

Pro-SiVIC™ accompanies ADAS engineers from the early stages global system design, up to extensive testing of driving assistance systems through simulation, providing the power to simulate even the the most critical situations by accurately simulating embedded sensors and the environment.

Security and Mobility

Optimizing the efficiency of infrastructure surveillance or monitoring systems (for airport, stadium, road network, homeland, ...) based on multiple sensor systems can be challenging. Pro-SiVIC can help to identify potential failures and to assess the reliability of such systems.

Aeronautics - Lighting

Energetic efficiency and system reliability are two of the main challenges that aeronautics actors face today. Pro-SiVIC sensor simulation and lighting simulation help to develop next generation systems while optimizing the efficiency/consumption ratio and sparing the financial cost and delay related to real-world testing