Sensor simulation solutions

A unique approach that combines environment and sensors models

Solutions for environment and sensor simulation

Security, mobility and autonomy are essential for smart systems that are gaining all areas from heavy industry to leisure.

Key components for partially autonomous or fully autonomous systems are the connection between ICT-based systems and its environment through perception sensors and the related algorithms and control systems.

Developing sucessful Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) required dedicated tools to accompany enginners throughout the process.

The software solution Pro-SiVIC™ has been developed as an answer to accompany the design, prototyping and testing of such systems with a systematic approach thanks to powerful sensor simulation. Pro-SiVIC™ is developed and supported by our company, CIVITEC.

Pro-SiVIC gives the opportunity to simulate complex scenarios featuring multi-technology sensors while fully controlling the conditions of the test.

To accomplish this, Pro-SiVIC helps :

  • to compose scenarios
  • create and setup the actors in this scenario (vehicles, people, other dynamic objects)
  • the define and configure the appopriate sensors
  • to produce simulated data (store or exchange with another application)

It then becomes possible to build and operate scenarios representative of real situations, complex and/or dangerous in dedicated climatic conditions (rain, fog, snow, brightness...).

In addition, simulation allows the evaluation of a large number of variants of scenarios, by allowing to modify the parameters influencing the behaviour of the sensors, of the environment and of the mobile objects.

Uniqueness & Benefits

CIVITEC offers a unique approach that combines environment and sensors models to produce thousands of qualified and reproducible data for your algorithms

As a customer, you will benefit of:

  Reduced development costs: Achieved by reducing number of prototypes

  Performance enhancements while reducing development time: Upfront simulation of critical scenarios including standard and critical environment conditions

  More Innovation: Model and simulate new detection systems architecture, variants, change in sensors performances, …